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Errand Service

Task Us With Your Task List

Wish you had an errand runner?

Tasks and Errands are unlimited with HeyThrivy subscriptions!  We can be your errand runner and your task doer.

Our errand running service includes the following, and more:

Pick up dry cleaning - this is a regular errand that you need to have done but don’t love to do so let us do it for you.  We not only deliver your dry cleaning, we put it away in your closet with plastic off and ready for you to wear.

Take donations away - the box of things you have been meaning to give away to charity, your Home Manager will run that errand for you and drop off your donations.  

Ship your packages - need to mail a package to your college roommate, we package it up and mail it out.  Need to return an online purchase - we can handle that, too, no problem - we box it up and ship it out.  

Return items to stores - we take your purchases back to stores for exchanges or returns.  Don’t fight the crowds in the stores to do this errand, let us be your errand running service.

Recycle electronics - we know just the place to recycle stacks of old phones, tablets and laptops.  Need data wiped or backed up - no problem we know just the right people to do that too.

Purchase gifts - we will find just the right gift for your 9 year old nephew or for your mother-in-law.

Purchase pet supplies - don’t let Fido run out of those organic biscuits again, we can pick them up and ensure you are still the best doggy daddy in town.

Buy new plants - need some help with the planters on your deck, we can add some seasonal color to those planters.

HeyThrivy can be your errand runner and your task doer.