How do you say the name?

Thanks for asking! We wrote a blog post about our name if you are curious on the origin but it’s pronounced Hey-THRIVE-ee.

What does HeyThrivy do? 

We do the errands, the tasks and the day-to-day that take up your time.  We organize your home, ship packages, deliver dry cleaning right to your closet, return purchases to local stores and put away your grocery deliveries. We help plan travel and small events. We manage household projects, start to finish. Our goal is to help you Do Life Better.  

What doesn’t HeyThrivy do? 

There are a few things we aren’t set up to do, such as supervise or drive children, drive client cars and deep housecleaning but we can help you find the right person for those jobs. Our mission is to elevate your life through comprehensive management of household services, errands, chores and travel planning and event planning.  

What is a Weekly Home Booster? 

Your dedicated Home Manager visits your home each week to provide home care, pick up and deliver items, and assess needs for future visits. Clients use this time for whatever is most helpful - organizing, sorting mail, or folding laundry. 

How do you screen your Home Managers? 

Our Home Managers are highly-trained employees who are licensed and bonded. We complete extensive screening which includes rigorous background checks, prior to hiring an employee.

How do I communicate with my Home Manager and HeyThrivy? 

Our HeyThrivy app makes it easy to submit, track requests and communicate directly with your Home Manager. You may also email the HeyThrivy service team at any time.  

How is HeyThrivy different from hiring my own personal assistant? 

With HeyThrivy, you get a service and technology platform that includes a assigned Home Manager, the HeyThrivy service team and an app to track tasks and submit special requests.  You also have access to our network of vendors for home repairs and maintenance. Our clients tell us they need support but don’t want full-time help, so we created HeyThrivy as a convenient, holistic approach to household management.  

Do I track hours? Is there a task limit? 

We've designed the service to simplify your life. There is no tracking of hours in 15 minute increments, no wondering if that one extra task is worth the money.  You just ask for what you need, pay one monthly fee, and we'll take it from there.

How much does the HeyThrivy service subscription cost?

We have three options for HeyThrivy services: Apartment is $300 per month and includes unlimited tasks and errands and a 60 minute Home Booster weekly. Thrive is $499 per month and includes everything from Boost package and adds in scheduling household vendors . Thrive Plus is $650 per month and includes everything from our Thrive package and gives you a 90 minute Home Booster weekly and management of household projects. Our goal is to make it easy for our clients - no tracking hours or counting tasks, just one convenient monthly fee. 

Do I sign an annual contract? 

There is no annual contract. For convenience, the monthly fee is set up as a recurring payment. You may cancel at any time.  

Where do you currently provide service? 

We provide service in the Greater Seattle area, West Seattle and Mercer Island, but plan to expand to Bellevue, Clyde Hill and Medina soon. Stay tuned!