When Santa flew in from West Virginia

Most of my professional career before HeyThrivy was in running client service teams for technology companies and I learned pretty quickly that the ability to execute the details are what make or break client confidence.

Danna and I talk a lot about the details with HeyThrivy, maybe borderline obsession, and we focus on building personal concierge services that feel effortless and easy because we got those details right.  When clients allow us to be a part of their homes, their lives, their families, we absolutely sweat the **&@! small stuff!  

But sometimes the grand gesture, the above and beyond, the YOU ARE DOING WHAT? feels pretty amazing and we got to be on the client side of that last week. We've been working with a company out of West Virginia called Mined Minds to build out our technology platform and we've been bowled over by how much they have embraced our business and mission.  We are launching in January with a hand selected group of clients and this month has been all about making sure that we are ready to provide an experience for those clients that feels different than any personal assistant service they have used before.  We are ready.

We had a small hiccup with our app on Monday and sent a quick message on our Slack channel that we needed to make sure this was all going to be perfect for launch in January.  We got a reply that they knew how much this meant to us, they wanted this to be perfect too and they were flying to Seattle on Wednesday to make sure it was just that.  Wait, what? You are dropping everything to fly across the country during an already busy travel season just for us?

That's exactly what they did and we had the pleasure of spending two days working side by side with Jeremy and Jonathan going over every little detail. They didn't have to make the grand gesture, or sacrifice time away from their families, but man it meant a lot to us to have the peace of mind going into the end of the year.  Danna and I talk a lot about wanting our clients to feel loved and adored when working with HeyThrivy, we were delighted to get a little taste of that ourselves!

So thank you, Mined Minds, for sharing our philosophy and supporting our efforts as we get ready to launch.  I hope Santa got you safely back to West Virginia.