What Customers Are Telling Us

When we decided to embark on this HeyThrivy adventure and create a service that would help people better manage their busy lives, we felt like we understood the pain pretty well but there was this lingering thought that we might just be trying to design for our own perfect realities.  

So we kicked off a series of customer feedback sessions and a broad survey, in the hopes of validating that this was a real problem for others and learning what types of services would be the most important things for potential customers.  Here’s what we learned.

1.     Not everybody needs a personal assistant. 

It’s true! We are building a company to offer personal assistants at scale and we will be the first to say this.  There are certain people who thrill at the idea of doing a lot of their own home projects or who love nothing more than completing their big checklist of errands. But we think it is like not everyone needs a monster truck, or needs a great bottle of wine, it really depends on someone’s priorities, circumstance, financial flexibility.  Wait, did we say wine? Ok, maybe that one is a little controversial.

2.     Not everybody needs a personal assistant all of the time. 

This was not surprising to hear and was actually a common theme.  For many people, the idea of having a full-time personal assistant feels like overkill and that’s more than they want to pay for or need.  We heard that loud and clear and have designed our services to be subscription based so you can tap in for the months you need it and tap out for the months you don’t. Maybe you just want help during your busy season at work, or during the holidays, or during the month that you are moving. Maybe after bringing a new baby into the family or during a family member’s hospital stay or during your three-month sabbatical overseas. We’ve got you covered.

3.     The need for help with small businesses is high. 

Many of our clients spoke about needing help with some of the business tasks like getting a new office set up, or planning a meal for a team event, or even setting up a new website.  This feedback definitely shaped the way we thought about our services and over time we will be bringing in Business Assistants who have the skills to help where needed. 

4.     Personal Assistants must be more than just order takers to make it worth the money. 

Oh Nelly, do we agree here. As a matter of fact, we have struggled with what to call this role as “Personal Assistant” feels a little antiquated but “General Contractor for your life” or “Life Concierge” feel a bit grandiose.  It’s important to us that our Personal Assistants are not only proactive and organized, but also backed by the HeyThrivy team to tap into a broad array of skills such as event planning, relocation, vacation packages, meal planning, and vendor sourcing

We wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time so far to talk with us and give us such great, detailed feedback.  We aren’t stopping here and will continue to solicit your thoughts and feedback on how we can build our services to be the best they can be for you.  And of course, please feel free to email us anytime at Hello@HeyThrivy.com