4 Ways A Personal Assistant Can Help You This Holiday Season

The holidays are always stressful, especially if you already have a busy schedule. Luckily, a personal assistant can help.

How are you gearing up for this year's holidays? We know this time of year gets busy with parties, festivities and lots of extra activities. If you'd like to maximize fun, but you feel too busy to get everything done and still take time off, you should consider hiring a personal assistant.

A personal concierge can accomplish all the routine tasks and errands and the not-so-routine tasks and errands for you so you can create time for family, friends, fun, and relaxation.

So, what can a personal assistant do for you this holiday season? Continue reading to find out.

1. Run Household Errands

Are your everyday errands piling up?  The holidays add extra errands like shipping packages, buying stamps, shopping for presents. Everyday errands + holiday errands = more to do than you can accomplish (or honestly want to spend your time doing). So how to get it all done this season and still have time and energy to enjoy yourself? Here’s a hint - let someone else make all those short trips to the grocery store, dry cleaners, or post office for you.

A personal concierge can stock your fridge, picking up your party dress from the dry cleaner, get your shoes shined, take the mail to the post office, and run other errands so you can spend more time with those you love. From picking up holiday décor to making sure you have enough stamps or you have just the right number of candles a personal assistant can accomplish these tasks for you. Let an assistant help ensure you have all the right ingredients for your specialty fruit cake or that you have just the right holiday wrapping on hand.      

2. Shop for Gifts

It's the holiday season! Yes, it's the season for shopping, and shoppers are ready to spend. Enthusiastic shoppers are going to stream into stores downtown, gift shops and malls looking for the perfect gifts for the people they love. If you're looking to maximize fun and relaxation, you might want to avoid going to the crowded stores this time of the year.

Whether you already know what gifts to buy, or haven't yet decided on what to buy, a personal assistant can make gift shopping easier for you. They'll deal with the crowded stores so you can enjoy those savored weekends with the special people in your life - not the frantic, last-minute shoppers in crowded malls and gift shops.

Maybe you love to shop and have already finished your shopping this year.  Do you already have items that you need to return? Realize you bought the wrong size sweater for your nephew?  No problem.  A personal assistant can make all of those returns for you.  Do you have online shopping returns that need to be shipped off?  A personal assistant can make sure those get shipped off properly as well.  No need for you to wait in lines at stores or the post office when a personal assistant can do that for you.

3. Plan a Vacation

Are you planning to travel this holiday season? There are so many things to take care of, right? Why not let a personal assistant plan these for you? All you have to do is to tell them your preferred travel destination and they'll come up with great recommendations.

Some of the things they can do to help you prepare for your trip include:

  • Researching the best hotel accommodation and hotel prices,

  • Identifying best places to visit,

  • Recommending fun activities to do, and

  • Recommend reliable places to board your pets while you're away from home.

A personal assistant can also help out when it comes to taking care of the important things needed for departure and reentry to the real world - they make arrangements for pet care, put holds on mail and subscriptions, get your favorite sunscreen and make sure that groceries are stocked at home for when you return.  They will help out with laundry and dry cleaning when you come home with a suitcase full of travel clothes.  All of these make departure and re-entry after a trip a breeze. 

4. Manage Home Projects

Do you have guests coming in town and you’d like a few things accomplished around the house before your guests arrive?  If you have home improvement projects to be done this holiday but don't want to manage it yourself? A personal assistant can wait at your home for delivery of supplies needed for your project.  They'll also stand in for you when the repair guys arrive. This way, you can spend your holiday having fun instead of managing your home projects.

Make the Most of This Holiday Season with a Personal Assistant Service

Work-life balance is critical for reducing stress and living a peaceful life. A trained personal assistant can help you strike the right balance between work and play, allowing you to have a great time this holiday period.

Feel free to contact us for expert guidance on which type of personal assistant service best suits your needs.

Danna Redmond