Why the name HeyThrivy?

A little background on our company name


We've had the opportunity to do a lot of speaking at events lately and share our story about HeyThrivy.  One of the most consistent questions we get is around our name and so we thought we'd shed a little light on the meaning.  Only partly joking when we say that every other domain name was taken (!) but it's actually a name that we love. 

We wanted to come up with a name that gave clients this feeling of being cared for while also being descriptive of what we actually provide. What does HeyThrivy do?  We are home manager, personal assistant, errand runner, event planner, house project manager and so much more and somehow "Comprehensive Household Management" seemed a little like overkill for a name and it's super hard to fit on a business card. 

In the end,  we landed on two things that we wanted to come through in the creation of our company name.

1. We want our service to help clients go live the best version of their lives. To take away the things that weigh down time and energy. Our clients tend to be people who have big, bold goals and we are building a company to help them flourish. To help them thrive.

2. We wanted to be that 'easy button' for a busy life.  You know that friend who always seems to know just the right person for something, no matter how obscure? We want to be that friend.   We want to be the one that our clients think of when they need something - a recommendation for a vintage chandelier installation, help planning a birthday party with a NASA theme, or maybe they just need their Home Managers to come in and organize a troubled space.  Hey there - can you take care of this for us? Of course we can. 

And so the name HeyThrivy.  We want to be the one that clients call and trust to help them thrive.  

So far the feedback on the name is kind of like poutine - you either love it or you don't.  Just kidding - who doesn't love poutine!  

The other question we get consistently is what we call our Home Managers. Thrivers? Thrivys? And a personal favorite - Thrivelings? We call them "the key to our entire success" but again, hard to fit on a business card.  The serious answer is that we don't have a catch-all name because we want clients to feel like they have a direct connection with their Home Managers, so just using their names feels like the right thing to do. 

If you have any other questions about HeyThrivy,  We'd love to hear from you.  Please contact us anytime at hello@HeyThrivy.com


Danna Redmond