Meditation and Your To-Do List


Nadine Blinn, Wellness Expert, shares her tips for how to use meditation to help you with your to-do list


Meditation helps in unexpected ways

Meditation can help us in unexpected ways. Yes, you’ve probably heard that meditation is really helpful and maybe you’ve tried it. Either way, I’m diving right into its benefits for your to-do list because we all want those lists to be less intimidating.

Meditation is the act of sitting quietly and allowing ourselves to take a mental and physical break from what is going on around us. In meditation, we drop our surroundings and let our thoughts drift away instead of dwelling on them. Once this happens regularly, we begin to see a change. What we are told or sold as wants and desires begin to lose their grip. Instead, you begin to see what you really want for yourself. You are more in touch with your inner self. Here we find what we truly desire and need. Often, we find what we thought we wanted and what we have been told we want, are not always what we are truly seeking. Through meditation, we can realign ourselves, our goals and our desires. Knowing what we truly want and desire is helpful in realizing what plans and actions should be taken today.

Your to-do list

That begins to circle us right back to your to-do list - literally. Take a fresh look at the list - are these really your priorities? You are likely to find some of that long to-do list can simply be crossed off. It’s no longer a priority. Making time for meditation can help you find time for other wellness like healthy eating, yoga and more because you also have a better handle on what you want and can focus on activities that help you get there.

Now your “to-do list” may be shorter. Excellent! It probably has some newly realized longer-term goals on it now too instead of just errands for that day. I bet that list has changed and is more exciting and less monotonous.

HINT: Never tried meditating? Download a few meditation apps to try out. Try a guided one to get started. If you think this will be hard, try to change that mindset and only try a 5 minute or shorter meditation then gradually increase the length. Easier success!

Delegate and ask for help

Still need to make time for these meditation sessions?

Must it be you who does that task? For monotonous or time-consuming tasks - like picking up dry cleaning or dealing with kitchen renovation contractors - delegate! If you are good at managing at work (be it people, tasks, etc.) you already delegate, so do it at home too. Try a service that helps you with errands and chores around the house, like HeyThrivy. Maybe your other half and/or the kids can take on more tasks too - teach them how you do it and thrive! In short, follow HeyThrivy’s motto of “Do life better”. 

With the help of technology and delegation, there should be fewer items on the short term list now so you have time for meditation – which will help make that to-do list shorter and less oppressive. Looking to eat more healthfully? Get set up with a CSA or meal delivery. Need to get to the gym or studio more frequently? Have the gym come to you with in office yoga or mediation, like BalancedHumansOfficeYoga in Seattle.

By getting in touch with ourselves regularly through meditation (even if it’s 5 minutes a day to start with) we can prioritize better, streamline our lives, say no to what’s not important to us and set aside that all important time for you and your needs and desires. 

So start feeling better today!


Nadine Blinn is the founder of Balanced Humans Office Yoga and is passionate about bringing yoga to offices in the greater Seattle area. 

Danna Redmond