Getting Ready for Back to School

Back to school time is coming and you can get ready now before the fun days of summer fade away into the school year with the rush of school schedules, homework, and fall activities. We have compiled a list of our top tips for preparing for back to school and making that transition an easy one this year.   

Take inventory

Go through your child’s clothes and get rid of anything that is outgrown or not wearable anymore.  Make a pile of items to donate or give away. What school supplies do you have already? Did you stockpile last year? Can your child use their lunch box or backpack from last year or do they need a new one?  This inventory gives you a starting point for your back to school shopping. 

School supplies shopping

Check out the school website or ask your child's teacher for the list of needed supplies. School supplies are easy items to buy online and you can shop early for these items. Some teachers are savvy enough to create a shopping list on Amazon to make online buying easier. Is there a specialty item that is only available at a few stores in town – call ahead and ensure it is in stock and even ask them to put one aside for you when you can go get it.

Back to school clothes shopping

Have a list of clothes that your child needs and wants? Does your school have uniforms? If yes, then your shopping list was just created for you. If not, then the world is your oyster or your nightmare depending on your and your child’s attitude about shopping. Online shopping is always a great option. If you are going out shopping in person, go early in August and try to beat the crowds and when there are still racks of clothes available.  

Gather your paperwork

What documents do you need to submit for the start of the school year? Immunization records, report cards from previous schools, test scores? Athletes often need a proof of a medical examination. Call your child’s school or check the website to see what documents are required and then find it. A little prep work here will prevent last-minute scrambles for information and documents on the first day of school.

Plan a last-minute getaway

Enjoy the last days of summer with a quick getaway just hours away from home. Plan some kid-centric time for your family to just relax and have fun before the schedules of school, sports, and extracurricular activities take over your schedule this Autumn. 

Get Help

Does this list seem daunting and you just want a little help? A home manager or personal assistant can help you with your back to school preparation. Yes, you can do it but you shouldn’t have to do it alone. HeyThrivy can help. You can hand off your shopping list to your HeyThrivy Home Manager using our app and those school supplies arrive unpacked right to their counter top.  Need to return some items, no problem, HeyThrivy Home Managers can get those online shopping returns shipped out for you or return to shops around town. Oh, and that pile of outgrown clothes, your Home Manager can take those away too.  A home manager can handle the tasks, chores, household management and even the last minute trip planning to free you up to enjoy the last days of summer.   

Thrive on!

Danna Redmond