It's Pretty Great


"What is it like to use your service?"  

It is a question we hear sometimes. We get it - we are providing a home manager service in a different way.  There isn't anything out there right now that is helping you manage your home, run your errands and take care of your chores and at the same time giving you that feeling of having a team of people who want to make your life better. Unless you actually do employ a team of people to make your life better but that's some Entourage level service that costs significantly more than HeyThrivy!

So we made a fun little video to show you some of the ways that the HeyThrivy service can manage your home, your house projects and the errands and chores of everyday life.  And to show all of the great things that are included in the monthly fee. 

When people ask us what it's like to use our service, our answer is always the same. It's pretty great - we designed it to be that way. 

We promise no plants or curtains were harmed in the making of this video.