Easy Minimalist Living Tips

Need to Declutter Your Space? Try These 5 Easy Minimalist Living Tips

Is your living space cluttered and unorganized? Does it seem like your living space is getting smaller and things are increasingly hard to find? It's time to go minimal. These 5 minimalist living tips will turn your home into your sanctuary.

A cluttered home can negatively impact your life in a number of ways. It can increase stress, damage your productivity and even hurt your relationship. Fortunately, there are easy ways to simplify your home for a much more streamlined (and stylish) living space. Let's go over five minimalist living tips to help you declutter.

1. Make Purging a Habit

Getting rid of your stuff is the foundation of minimalism, but it doesn't work unless you make it a regular practice. You'll need to go through your living space every several months and purge. Try doing this while performing seasonal cleaning. Go through your closets and ask yourself what you actually need and what you're holding on to for no reason.

Don’t worry most of the things that you are downsizing and getting rid of can be donated and recycled so they have a second life.

2. constrain your purchasing

Shopping is a minimalist's enemy. To avoid bringing too much into your home, it's important you're as critical as possible with regard to your purchases - keep a goal of simplifying your life in mind. Only buy things that add value to your living space or that you really love. .

Another easy trick is to make a rule that if you bring something into your home, you must get rid of something else. This helps you maintain a minimal space.

3. Avoid Duplicate Items

It's amazing how many items we accumulate duplicates of. Go through your home and you're bound to find three of the same type of sweater in your closet or two of the same kitchen tool. Doing a complete inventory of your belongings will expose the duplicates. You can then get rid of the item that's in the worst condition.

Remember to sort out any junk drawers. This is a prime location for duplicates to hide. Your kitchen is another place for multiples and duplicates to lurk so be sure to go through all your drawers and cabinets in your kitchen.

4. Only Keep Functional Items

Each item in your living space should either be decorative or serve a purpose. If it's not one of these two things, it's time to get rid of it. A good rule of thumb is to throw out anything you haven't needed in the last six months. Also, if you come across something you didn't realize you had, you obviously don't need it. You can apply this rule to your clothes as well. If a jacket or pair of shoes is simply taking up space in your closet, it's time for them to go and let them find a second home.

5. Manage Your Mail

Although we live in a digital world, physical mail still piles up. If you let these stacks accumulate, you'll eventually have to spend time sorting through them.

To remedy this, get a small basket you can put your mail in each day. Then, schedule a time each week to go through it. Or better yet sort your mail near your recycle bin so all that paper can directly into recycle bin and not even begin to pile up. Having a small office shredder is a great resource - put it to use each week shredding all those documents with too much info on to just recycle.

You can also reduce your mail and eliminate many of those catalogs by signing up for the ‘do not mail’ lists. This will help to minimize the paper mail that comes into your house.

Breathe Easier With These Minimalist Living Tips

Once you get into the habit of keeping your space void of clutter, you'll notice you can relax much easier while at home. You'll also notice an increase in your productivity and drive.  Use these minimalist living tips and take control of clutter today.

Danna Redmond