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Moving is something that we have helped HeyThrivy clients do and we have all moved a number of times ourselves. Here are just a few of the tips we have picked up along the way for making a move go more smoothly.   


1.       Treat your move like a project. 

Not quite needing a Gantt chart, but your move will of course have Tasks, Timelines, Dependencies and Key Dates. Starting services, ending services, it's a lot of moving parts. You need to keep track of all of it somehow and it can get even more complicated if there is buying and/or selling of property in there!  Preparing for a move is key so do this in whatever way is comfortable for you and anyone else helping you plan – an over-sized calendar, task list and a moving checklist on the wall or set up a shared calendar, document storage and task management system online. 

At HeyThrivy, we prefer the online versions when we manage moves for clients as it’s easy to refer to information after the move but it’s really about what’s most comfortable for you.

2.       Pick the right moving company. 

This might seem like a no-brainer but it has such an impact! If it’s up to you to identify the movers, bring in at least three companies to provide an onsite quote. You, of course, want to compare their quotes but you also want to get a feel for how rigid or flexible they will be on the day of the move, how organized they are in working with you, and how experienced their team will be in packing, taking apart furniture, and moving specialty items.  Our team sees a wide variety in how moving companies operate and how they price for our clients, it’s not always an apples to apples comparison.

If the moving company has been selected for you, you should still ask a lot of questions prior to their arrival so you feel prepped on what to expect during the move days. A good moving company will help to make your moving days smooth and as stress-free as possible.  A poor moving company experience will bring you to fits of rage and exhaustion. Ok, that’s a touch dramatic.

3.       Get help.

We work with clients in all stages of transition and we know that during a move it can feel like money is pouring out of you, even if the moving is sponsored by your company.  We walk through the different pieces of a move and identify what clients would like to do themselves for cost efficiency, and where it might be worth investing in a little support.  Maybe it’s finding somewhere to put the dog during packing day, or working with someone to separate items for sale, donations and storage.  Maybe it’s working with someone to plan out your closet and kitchen storage ahead of time so things can be put away upon arrival. For clients moving into the area (welcome!), we want you to love it here and we provide recommendations to find your new dry cleaner, CrossFit studio, veterinarian, lawn care, or first weekend get-away!  Having a HeyThrivy personal assistant work with you on your move helps keep the move moving along.  Check out more on how HeyThrivy can help you.

4.       Plan for your health.

Packing up and moving everything you own is an endurance sport; if you plan ahead for having healthy meals and snacks during your moving days, you will keep your energy up and avoid fits of rage from low blood sugar.  

We also recommend planning ahead for that first night in your new home. Prepare in advance to have delicious food delivered in, get a bottle of bubbly for the fridge and celebrate this next chapter of your life.


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