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Home Management


Need help managing all the tasks and chores around your house? HeyThrivy can help with your home management. A HeyThrivy Home Manager can help you keep your home organized exactly the way you like it.

In a weekly visit to your house your HeyThrivy Home Manager can:

Organize your closets - we tame the craziness that is in your closets. We put order to your closets so you can find all your awesome clothes quickly and easily.

Take donations away - the box of things you have been meaning to give away to charity, we can manage that too.  We take away all your donations and ensure they get donated for you.

Ship your packages - need to mail a package to your aunt? We package it up and mail it out for you.  Need to return an online purchase - we handle that, too, no problem - we box it up and ship it out.

Return purchases - we take your purchases back to stores for exchanges or returns.

Put away and deliver groceries - don’t just get your groceries delivered to your doorstep, your HeyThrivy Home Manager takes them in and puts them away in your pantry and fridge so that your hummus is always in the right place.  

Inventory groceries and necessities - create a list of your must-haves and we inventory each week to ensure you never run out of your favorite yogurt or toilet paper again.

Sort and organize your mail - leave that stack of mail to us to sort through and recycle the junk mail and leave you only the important things.

General straightening up  - we puts things away where they need to go so your house is organized and manageable.   

Fold and put away laundry - does your clean laundry pile up just wanting someone to put it away - no problem your Home Manager can fold it and put it away in your closet and dresser.

Organize your pantry - we organize your pantry and kitchen so that everything has a place.

HeyThrivy can be your home manager!